Hey there!

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to learn about me.

I have been teaching for about 10 years.  Now, I am a ESL teacher, first grade teacher and an Early Intervention Special Instructor. I love teaching adult and children, but most especially my language learners and my scholars with special needs because  I am amazed by how much they teach me.  In my classroom, we do a lot of hand-on learning, supplemental teaching experiences [i.e. field trips], and collaborative projects. So learning in my class is a unique experience. Everyday  is an exciting adventure coupled with new lessons. I am incredibly fortunate to do what I truly LOVE to do.

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Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Edibles: Smoothies! Bless the man who invented the Ninja blender. It is a God send! Fried plantains and dates are some of my preferred snacks.
  • TV: Scandal, House of Cards, and The Mindy Project are my guilty pleasures.
  • Movies: Forrest Gump, Pan Labyrinth, and the Princess Bride
  • Music: Beyonce, Marc Anthony and Taylor Swift
  • Hobbies and Activities: Painting and salsa dancing and facials.

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